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Let's look at that configuration now. This course explores how probability and statistics underlie the decisions of researchers and investigators and how to evaluate the expression of probabilistic and statisical information being used to support such decisions. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, basic plots and graphing, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, correlational techniques, and introduction to the general linear model.

Topics include the following: A few course recommendations would be to do the introduction to Spring MVC course which really is an extension of this course on Spring web enabled applications.

This course explores design principles of batch, multiprogramming, and time sharing operating systems; linking; loading; input-output systems, inter acting processes, storage management, process and resource control, file systems. GEO - Human Geography 3 This course is an introductory survey of geographic theories, issues and applications from the human perspective.

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Maps allow us to understand and analyze these relationships. The focus is on the social, economic, political, and educational forces that influence the community college, as well as the programs, services, and current issues. The goals of this course are to enable students to log in to their UNIX accounts from any type of computer and to have a basic understanding of the commands and utilities.

Techniques are examined for collecting and using both qualitative and quantitative data as it relates to the role of local public safety and security personnel and organizations as both producers and consumers of intelligence. This leads to further understandings about the application of different research designs to the practice of evaluation, as presented in evaluation cases.

CCJ - Criminology 3 This course offers an examination of the field of criminology, including its theories, basic Spring coursework, and definitions. This course will focus on designing effective public information campaigns that are well grounded in theory.

Admission to the major. Bean Scopes In this module, we will discuss the various scopes that are available inside the Spring framework, and how you can use those while configuring your beans. Students complete a minimum of hours over an extended period of time, but not less than twelve weeks. Introduction What is all the hype around the Spring framework.

EDA - Teacher Leadership Development 3 This course is based on the increasingly important role of a school leader in identifying and developing teacher leaders in K schools.

Through an interdisciplinary lens, this course explores the major psychological and behavioral factors influencing health and illness among women. The entire Information Architecture process from learning the user's needs by developing user personas and scenarios through organizing the information to be presented to specifying the final design parameters, such as low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes, is covered.

This course focuses on the IT security threat environment, cryptography, securing networks, access controls, firewalls, host hardening, application security, data protections, and incident response.

HFT - Coffee, Tea and International Culture 3 This course is an introduction to coffees and teas of the world with a focus upon their importance to global cultures found in many regions. Through a combination of technical topics in interface design and development such as usability, coding in HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery, as well as readings and discussions around net-based artworks and historical and cultural concerns surrounding the internet as a communication platform, students execute interactive projects that are both culturally-relevant and technically sophisticated.

Emphasis is on word construction, usage, comprehension, pronunciation, and spelling. In doing so, the class investigates various distinct subcultures globally and the relationship between specific forms of offending and subcultural traits.

If you've ever had to recompile your source code to move from one environment to the next because something changed that was hard-coded inside your application, you're aware of what I'm referring to when I say different environmental information.

Media Studies is a core course for students who declared the Media Studies major in Spring or earlier. Media Studies may be used as an elective course (Group C) for students who declared the Media Studies major in Fall As you explore these courses, we encourage you to read the course syllabus.

(Click on the course title to view the syllabus.) Note that in some cases, the syllabus may be from a previous semester, as the spring syllabus is not yet available.

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This course is a required prerequisite for all marketing courses. Gives the student an understanding of the decision areas and the ability to utilize marketing concepts to make business decisions.

NOTE: This course may be restricted to specific majors; contact the department for additional information.

Credit Courses Regional Learning Centers Distance Learning Courses Non-Credit Offerings Book Store Legend (pdf) Spring Semester Please select a subject and click 'Go' to view class availability. Our Spring Framework training helps you master the Spring MVC framework architecture with tutorials by industry experts.

Enroll in this course to get Spring certification. Searching by General Education Code will return results based on the classification of the course for the term for which you search. Please consult your DARS report for the official list of courses that may apply toward the General Education requirements based on your University catalog of entry.

Spring coursework
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