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And also the development of infrastructure is important. Let us discuss the advantages of tourism planning and development: It helps in overcoming financial resources and problems and situations.

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Tourism has the principal stress in generating a large percentage of GDP and employment opportunities in a country. For analyzing the cultural, social, and physical features of two tourist destinations we are considering UK and India.

Political stability- Political condition of United Kingdom is also appropriate for tourism which help to increase its demand. Same definition of Stakeholders is applicable to the Rhanthabore and Sikkim eastern state of Indiawhere stakeholders may be running small and medium hotels, they could also be the member of the association of taxi drivers, owners of bar and restraints, could be anybody from local community or tourists from some other place etc.

We provide additional value-added services like: Tourism supply can also be explained through the distribution system in tourism analysis.

Physical— Burma is also known as Mayanmar and is situated in the northwestern corner of the south East Asia which is near the shipping lanes of the Indian Ocean. Upload Your Assignment State your requirements straightaway in the task submission form. This waste also has to be prevented. It will also develop the level of services provided to the tourists.

The products related to tourism which are a part of cultural heritage are either substantial or insubstantial.

Normally when a big event is managed, there are many areas which cannot be handled by a single entity or governing authority and because of this; public-private partnership is established.

Tourism is also closely associated with technology and become the economic factor for many countries. The effect of supply and demand on tourism and the impacts of tourism is also described the assignment.

A wide range of suppliers providing services to the tourism sector are well suited in the supply chain. In this context, Assignment4u.

Improving environmental management and planning Increased environmental education and awareness programs. The highest point in the eastern Burma is that of the Shan Hills which is very popular among the tourist. In addition to this, overcrowding people area have major chances to rise the crime due to lack of security which creates problem for authorities to manage security and safety of local and foreign visitors in United Kingdom.

These kinds of services are not appreciated by tourists from developed countries and thus they get unhappy after visiting places like Sikkim, Rhanthabore etc. In case of India, the local vendors, local people, Big organisations who have invested in the tourism development, their employees and the government of India are these stakeholders.

Strict laws should be enforced so that tourists should know what they can bring to the location and what they can take back with them without causing any damage.

Depending upon the economic, psychological, geographic and political factors tourism demand could be defined in various ways. Social effects Positive effects: For example, TUI group provides quality facilities like food, beverages, accommodation as well as games to its visitors at tourist destinations which help to meet the demand of tourism in United Kingdom.

However, sometimes, authorities of UK do not manage proper safety which affects negatively on the tourism activities of nation. These people are not trained or belong to highly recognized tour operators. It takes into consideration the local citizens for evaluating the aspects that influence their way of life.

The tourism sector is privatised industry and the growth of large resorts and hotels in UK encouraged the development of local tourism administration to carry out the responsibilities of the host destination. Due to this reason, People of UK are coming on new places for visiting with their family.

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Assignment on Tourism. Tourism has become a successful business of providing tours and services to the people who travel.

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Reach our experts Writers and take instant help. Get Tourism assignment samples written by expert writers. Global Assignment Help provide best quality Tourism samples to the university students. Introduction. One of the main industries in the world today is the tourism sector. In the World Travel and Tourism Council indicated that ten percent and 1 in 10 jobs are created by travel and tourism sector assignment describes in its first task thehistory and structure of travel and tourism industry, in the second task the information about the influence of local and.

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Tourism assignment
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