Ucla screenwriting acceptance rate

Entertainment Education Report: The Best Film Schools in 2018

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Brown University

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USC School of Cinematic Arts

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University of California, Los Angeles

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The USC School of Cinematic Arts (commonly referred to as SCA)—formerly the USC School of Cinema-Television, otherwise known as CNTV—is a private media school within the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, douglasishere.com school offers multiple undergraduate and graduate programs covering film production, screenwriting, cinema and media studies, animation and digital.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), is a public research university in the Westwood district of Los Angeles, The Graduate School of Nursing currently has an acceptance rate of %.

Program Statistics

For Fallthe Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science (HSSEAS) had a graduate acceptance rate of %. Why would someone choose UCLA's Film School over USC's Film School?

Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. Acceptance rate (cohort quality): UCLA has a substantially lower acceptance rate than USC, mostly because of its small cohort size (which I'll discuss later).

How do UCLA and USC's screenwriting programs compare? Wikipedia vs.


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Ucla screenwriting acceptance rate
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